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INSTANDA and Incandesco join forces to innovate insurance practices further

October 12, 2021

Minneapolis, MN, Oct. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new partnership between insurance innovator INSTANDA and fellow industry disruptor Incandesco will empower insurance carriers and MGAs to streamline quoting and underwriting processes. The partnership will integrate FireSwipe, a capability from Incandesco which allows insurers to identify more targeted and relevant risk, into INSTANDA’s cloud-native platform.

Commercial insurance accounts need to improve their accuracy and focus: 40 percent of accounts are declined by underwriters due to agents submitting risks to the wrong underwriter and a lack of correct risk information included in submissions. FireSwipe aims to reduce this threat to productivity, providing a digital insurance marketplace for agents, brokers, and underwriters to connect and collaborate more efficiently. FireSwipe creates a more profitable process for agents and underwriters alike by matching agents and underwriters and providing data from third parties. Now, INSTANDA users will be able to use FireSwipe functionality in conjunction with the INSTANDA platform, empowering them insure the most accurate risk possible.

Debbie Wilson, Chief Operating Officer for North America at INSTANDA, thinks the industry needs a more focused approach. She says: “We look forward to a very fruitful partnership with Incandesco, integrating their innovative features into our own agile platform. INSTANDA believes that intelligent, targeted services are the future of productive insurance practices, and we are glad that Incandesco share these values.”

Wade Wrobel, Co-Founder & President at Incandesco, echoes Wilson’s belief in a targeted approach.  “Commercial insurance underwriters do not need larger volumes of submissions to quote, but rather they need a focused submission flow to maximize hit ratios and profitability,” he says. “We are very excited that FireSwipe’s integration will enable INSTANDA customers to find more targeted risks while allowing Incandesco to reach a broader customer base.”

The partnership’s positive implications are also appreciated by Greg Murphy, Executive Vice President for North America at INSTANDA. “What the insurance industry has been missing is speed and dexterity, and developments in software are what will drive this forward,” he says. “Between INSTANDA’s SaaS-based, agile platform and FireSwipe’s targeting abilities, carriers will see a noticeable difference in their experience, an easier underwriting process and an improved bottom-line.”

Greg Rubel, Investor and Board Member at Incandesco, believes in the potential of the collaboration with INSTANDA. “We were impressed with INSTANDA's ability to help clients get to market fast with their agility, ease and speed,” he says. “FireSwipe dovetails with their platform by finding accounts that fit their customers' appetite and by making the rating process even more efficient.  Together, it's a powerful combination.”


Insurance is complex, but it does not have to be difficult. INSTANDA offers carriers and MGAs the possibility to break away from traditional ‘systems heavy’ product introductions. By rewriting the narrative on how to build, implement, and service products, INSTANDA’s Software-as-a-Service based digital insurance management platform is empowering insurers to thrive in a new generation of insurance. By putting control in the hands of insurers, creating customized products with speed and ease can now become the norm.  

Headquartered in the UK, with offices across North America, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, INSTANDA has helped over 60 clients create over 2,800 insurance products across 13 countries. Join the INSTANDA movement and visit for more information.  

About Incandesco

Incandesco was founded in 2020 by insurance industry veterans who have the singular goal of developing innovative software solutions that push legacy boundaries and create more efficient workflows for all stakeholders in the agency/underwriter sales model.

In a relatively short timeframe, Incandesco has made significant inroads with agencies, carriers, and brokerages across the United States due its focused implementation of a straightforward user interface and ease of marketplace collaboration.

For more information, visit Incandesco at

Appulate and Incandesco Partner

August 20, 2021

Westlake Village, CA – August 18, 2021 – Appulate today announced that it has created a partnership with Incandesco, creator of “FireSwipe”: a digital marketplace for agents, brokers and underwriters to connect and collaborate on middle market and specialty risks.

Appulate’s technology bridges data from any agency management system and populates this into Incandesco’s FireSwipe web application. This capability will greatly reduce data entry time and improve data quality for all stakeholders involved. 
“This partnership promotes speed-to-market to our growing community of FireSwipe users nationwide,” said Wade Wrobel, Co-Founder and President of Incandesco. “Our agency customers already use Appulate for quoting in the small commercial space and are excited to extend that functionality into the middle market,” notes Wrobel.

”Incandesco serves a very important part of the insurance market,” said Jeffrey Harris, President of Appulate, Inc. “The combination of our joint technology provides an unmatched workflow for carriers in the middle market and specialty areas,” added Harris. 
About Incandesco
Incandesco was founded in 2020 by insurance industry veterans who have the singular goal of developing software solutions that make workflows more efficient for enterprises and consumers.

In a relatively short timeframe, Incandesco has made significant inroads with agencies, carriers and brokerages across the United States due its focused implementation of a straightforward user interface and ease of marketplace collaboration.

Visit Incandesco at

About Appulate
Founded in 2005, Appulate offers an unprecedented level of connectivity to streamline business processes through its innovative abilities to bridge data between insurance systems. Today, Appulate technology is used by more than 77,000 agencies and has been recognized by key industry groups and analysts for its contribution to time and cost savings. The combination of Appulate’s advanced technology, outstanding level of service and high value proposition have made them one of the fastest growing technology companies that serve the insurance industry. 
Visit Appulate at

Equifax Accelerate

August 9, 2021

We are proud to announce that, on the strength of our FireSwipe web application, Incandesco was accepted into the Top50 of the Equifax Accelerate program. Launching for the first time, Equifax Accelerate is a six month developer program designed to help companies of all sizes tap into the Equifax information ecosystem to build transformative, data-driven apps that promote financial inclusion.
Equifax Accelerate is produced in partnership with 1871, a Chicago-based technology hub that supports early stage tech startups, growth stage tech leaders, and corporate innovators building extraordinary businesses.
1871 is the home of nearly 500 early-stage, high-growth digital startups and more than 1,500 members.

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