the FireSwipe application

A paradigm shift in the commercial insurance sector

Look and swipe, look and swipe… Attractive or unattractive? Blue eyes
or brown eyes? Tall or short? Near or far? The critical first impression
determines if there will be any future interest and a deeper
interaction. Perhaps this describes a mobile dating application, or
perhaps it is the future of the commercial insurance underwriting

Incandesco is bringing the commercial insurance sector into the 21st Century with FireSwipe.

Holding Phones
Working from Home
Zooming on Tablet

First Glance

Underwriters and carriers are tagged to connect quickly with agents and brokers seeking coverage for target risks. This process works for current agent contracts and potential new agent relationships.

The Detail

A simple straightforward interface taking all pertinent components of a commercial insurance submission and wrapping them in a tidy package to enable quick accurate decisions.

The Queue

A list of submissions that can be sorted and reviewed by underwriters before pushing digitally to the underwriter's CRM system when ready for pricing.


Let’s Work Together

Reach out to us to discuss how to implement FireSwipe into your underwriting or agency workflow.

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