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What's the deal?

A cloud-based network optimized to connect commercial insurance underwriters, agents and brokers

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FireSwipe is a software optimized for the commercial insurance underwriting and marketing process, aggregating pertinent data from multiple sources and pushing the data from agencies to underwriting/rating software on command updating the agent/broker in real time.

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The Look

FireSwipe's straightforward and clean design enables underwriters to review pertinent risk information from agents/brokers and third parties, and make informed quick decisions about commercial risks, while keeping the submitting agents and brokers updated in real time.

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The Benefits

For all carriers, speed is important to results because speed is important to agent/broker clients. FireSwipe speeds the connection of underwriters to agents, drastically reduces data entry costs while increasing submission accuracy. It also aids increasing submit-to-bind ratios by enabling underwriters to only log and quote the submissions they are confident they can be competitive on directly from any desktop or mobile device.